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Meet The Artist

Havilah Abrego, born and raised in Los Angeles, California, is an artist and growing marine biologist. Havilah's father introduced her to the world of painting in their backyard art studio when she was seven. Painting runs through the Abrego family line. As Havilah honed her own technique over the years, she began selling her work worldwide at the age of 15. The art of painting quickly became a lifestyle rather than a hobby. As she began to capture her intimate experiences with nature through her work, she hopes to inspire each and every spectator to recognize the unseen beauty and magic of the natural world.


Havilah has held shows and exhibits throughout California, all shows focusing on the unique beauty of the Central Coast. She currently creates in her private studio in Ventura, while also fulfilling her lifelong dream of studying marine biology and exploring the ocean, the life source of her inspiration.



Ventura | Santa Barbara | Los Angeles

oceancrestart@gmail.com | 213.842.4683

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